Cobham Park Ancient History

Cobham Park is a well-known estate and a country mansion, located in Surrey, England. It is situated to the south of Cobham. There are been various owners of it, since it was built. This mansion is known to be built in 12th century. In the very initial history of the mansion it was the John Ligonier, who was the owner of this ancient mansion. Later it was owned by the mayor of London, Harvey Christian Combe. The mansion with its spectacularity is still well known among the historical mansions all around the globe. Although, with each passing year the mansion is being reaching close to its destruction. It needs to be restored, for which suitable plans needs to be incorporated.

History of Cobham Park:

As per the first records found about this ancient mansion, Cobham Park, which reveals that the mansion was built in 12th century. Then it was known as Downe Place, it was named after a family who have been residing there for generations. The mansion was that spectacular as you can see it today. Later in around 1720’s, the house was rebuilt to what you can a mansion. The design was built according to classical style modelling mainly around an Italian villa.


Each and every part of the mansion was perfected, as per the designs. Cobham Park was a huge built up, nearly of square form with all the amenities that you would consider a house possess. It had beautifully landscaped grounds, a salon embosses with ornamental ceilings, a library, numerous apartments etc.

In the early 1750’s the mansion was owned by John Ligonier, who considered the mansion splendid and spent most of his leisure time in the mansion. John mainly focussed this mansion as a retreat for him and her four daughters; and build harems for his daughters. The mansion was passed to Edward, John’s nephew after his death in 1770.

Later in the very beginning of 1800, specifically in 1806 the mansion was owned by Harvey Christian Combe. After Harvey’s death the mansion was passed onto his son, who late died in around 1857. Uptill this period no major modifications were made in the mansion, till Harvey’s Nephew Charles Combe took the house under his property. In around 1870s the Cobham Park met an accident and was fully destructed.

Reconstruction of the house took nearly 3 years, and in 1873 new house was constructed fully by a designer Edward Middleton Barry. The combe family doesn’t seem to have liked the new design given to it by the designer. Later in 1930’s the combe family give the up the house as their residence and moved to a nearby location.

The mansion was then given on a lease to Eagle Star, an insurance group; who made it their administrative centre. Following this the mansion transferred hands to hands on lease. Lastly it was sold out by Logicia in 2001 to Frogmore Estates in 5.5 Million euros, who then converted the mansion into 22 apartments.

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