Conservation Of Cobham Park

Cobham Park is situated in surrey, England; it is a mansion and estate which is quite ancient. The written existence of the mansion has been known since 12th century. Since then the mansion passed from hands to hands, degrading and building again. It cannot be considered as an ordinary house or just a mansion, as it has been in the existence from a very long time. Besides this, there have been various modifications and restructuring of the mansion from time to time, which makes it quite elegant and superficial as of today’s structures.

In 1990 under planning act a term ‘Conservation Area’ was coined, according to which any place or architecture, potentially important from historical perspective should be named as a conservation area. The law was made keeping in mind the developmental changes that were increasing at a faster pace, eventually ending up destruction of such historically important places and architectures.


Cobham park as a whole conclude four major architectures and places of interest namely Church Cobham, Downside Village, The Tilt and the Plough Corner. All of these structures and places are of utmost importance and needs to be conserve, so as to protect them from future developmental and natural calamities. These places are designated as the conservation areas by the government officially, although nothing much clearly has been stated about the Cobham park mansion, which is quite a concern.

Another aspect of this conservation are the changes made by the humans, which is quite more degrading than the nature itself. In such case the Cobhma street is of utmost importance, as it is under critical threat of being demolished due to developments and restructuring of the area made in the recent years. On a good node, there are many activist groups that have been working to restore Cobham park to its golden days. Specifically, ancient pond which was deteriorated in the past has been restored to a good working capabilities. In the starting of 2007, the pond began to emerge again. This has been made possible by the efforts of the selfless volunteers and the residents of the area, who cut down the overgrown thicket and bring the pond to life again.

Similar efforts are to be made to help Cobham park replenish and resurrect itself!

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