It’s Spring Time at Cobham Park!

well-wood-1So the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and temperatures are rising, which means plenty of you will be making the most of this gorgeous spring weather, coming and spending your days on the beautifully restored grounds of Cobham Park. Whether you’re having a picnic or just catching some rays, we hope you have the best possible time and enjoy yourself.

Now that the restoration of the estate is fully complete, we’ll be hosting a variety of activities that will take place on the estate across the spring and summer periods. These events will include such activities local fetes and fairs, as well as our very own Bonham Park Music Festival that is currently in the works, where you can sing along to your favourite songs from the local talent here in Surrey. Such details as dates, acts, and resident care are currently being taken into consideration before finalisation.

Keeping Our Park Cleaner!

To ensure that it is as enjoyable as possible, we ask all residents to keep the area clean, and to ensure that they have disposed of all rubbish or waste. If dog walkers would also be as kind as to keep dogs on leads and pick up any mess left by your pet, this would also be much appreciated. By keeping waste to a minimum, others will be able to roam around the gorgeous greenery and enjoy themselves entirely without having rubbish to soil their view, or waste causing them to watch their step and not take in the beauty of our gorgeous park.

We’ll be doing our bit as well! With the sun now out, it’s time to bring out the ATV’s. Our ATV’s are equipped with brand new tyres, fresh coats of paint, and fresh batteries from Car Batteries UK to keep them running as efficiently as ever.

There will be routine checks done by our Gardeners and Horticultural Maintenance, in which they will ensure all waste is removed across 3 checks a day using our ATV’s, so prepare for minor disruptions. However your co-operation in maintaining the cleanliness of the park is just as important to ensure that everybody can enjoy this space.

Resident sports teams and spectators are also encouraged to clean up after themselves after training, matches, and games.


Further Notices to Residents

The final dates of such events as The Cobham Park Music Festival and local fetes and fairs are yet to be finalised, however this is a pre-warning that music will be loud and on going until late evening. The public will also have access to the grounds to join our festivities. We will announce dates when they have been finalised, in case you wish to take leave.

If you wish to get in touch with a member of staff regarding these events or the cleanliness of the estate, please feel free to use our contact page, or call the reception desk.


Thank you for taking the time to read this bulletin,

Cobham Park Management Team.

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